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a. The User hereby authorizes the website to publish and save all content published on it, as well as their personal data provided at the time of account creation and other information such as IP, login information such as access times and accessed content, among others.

b. The User also authorizes their disclosure in the event of a legal requirement to comply with any provision or process for which it is required, to enforce these same Terms and Conditions, respond to allegations of alleged violation of the rights of the website or third parties or improper disclosure of third party contact or even to protect the intellectual property of third parties or the website.

c. The website may use credit card processing companies and / or management of third-party online payment methods or others to monitor website traffic that may have access to User information

d. The website does not make direct payments, so it does not store any credit card information or other payment methods of the Member or third parties

e. The use of the website implies acceptance of the above described

1. User Use and Responsibility Policy

1.1 By creating an account / using the website the User accepts that all advertisements, messages, articles and / or advertising or other content, such as photographs, sound or video, made available are the authorship of third parties. The user also agrees that, when using the website, he may be exposed to content that may be graphic, offensive, inaccurate, harmful, misleading or fraudulent and in any other objectionable way.

The User agrees that he must, at his own expense and responsibility, assess any risks associated with any content present / submitted on the website and that he will not be responsible in any way for the content and or damage caused.

1.2 The User accepts and acknowledges that the website will have the right, but not the obligation, in its sole discretion, to refuse or exclude any content sent / made available by the User, whether due to denunciation, violation of these Terms and Conditions or any other ethical, legal or moral reason.

1.3 The user accepts and acknowledges that he / she is solely responsible for all content / information / advertisements of his / her own and disseminated, transmitted, shared by email or link on and through the website. The website and its partners are exempt from all obligations and / or consequences arising from such sharing / disclosure, and are not responsible for their actions or those of third parties.

1.4 In relation to the content / information / advertisements transmitted / disseminated and associated with a link on the website, the User declares that:

a) It is the holder of the rights and / has the necessary authorizations for the dissemination / transmission of the same as well as any person and / or associated image / author rights;

b) Allows the website to use and / or format or alter it in any way that does not compromise the information in order to better comply with its provision on the website;

c) The website may, without having the obligation to do so, monitor, correct / ratify, approve or monitor in advance the content, advertisement, article, opinion, personal comment, recommendation, link or rights and does not assume any responsibility for the mentioned above.

d) The user hereby accepts that the Website does not allow the submission of advertisements and content that in any way disrespect or violate intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties, as well as the Portuguese legislation in force and which may remove the content, advertisement, link or others, by monitoring or reporting without prior notice;

e) The website may, at any time, suspend, remove or cancel without prior notice the User's access to his account through reporting or monitoring, in his sole discretion, if he considers that the attitude or content shared by the User is damaging, fraudulent or in violation of any provision of the respective Terms and Conditions.

2. Penalty Content and Policy

2.1 The website considers any advertisements and / or content contained in the list below to be inappropriate, and the User undertakes not to disclose, share or otherwise make available any content and / or advertisement:

a) That does not respect the Portuguese Legislation;

b) That it is illegal in any form

c) That is protected by copyright, trade secret, industrial or third party without permission of the owner / holder of these same rights to disclose it in any form or means

d) That it is considered harmful, abusive, violent, pornographic, defamatory or harmful in any way to minors or unimputable,

e) That represents a situation of harassment, violence, degradation, intimidation or hatred for any individual or group based on religious reasons, sexual orientation, ration, age or disability

f) That includes personal information or that allows the identification of third parties without their consent in violation of the right to privacy / anonymity

g) That proves to be fraudulent or harmful or contains misleading advertising or illicit association marketing, spam or pyramid schemes

h) That does not fit the theme of the website

i) Regarding the posting of commercial or non-commercial material on all or part of the website where posting is not allowed

j) That is intended for sending campaigns or content via links or emails to Users who have not requested it

k) That disclose, mention or share any illegal services or sale of items whose trade and advertising are prohibited or restricted by law

l) That may contain viruses or any other malicious software, files or programs that aim to compromise or destroy the functionality of any software or wardware

m) That creates dialog boxes, pop-ups or other interruptions that negatively affect the experience of other Users on the website

n) Regarding the disclosure of misleading links or emails, false titles or intended to attract Users for the purposes of third parties

2.2 In addition to the above, the User agrees not to:

a) Get in touch with any User who does not want to be contacted having expressed that desire

b) Stalking or harassing third parties

c) Obtain, store, disclose and / or commercialize personal data of other Users and / or third parties

d) Using data from another User or third party for illicit and commercial purposes

e) Have invasive means to download data from the website

f) Repeatedly publish the same content, repeatedly, in order to obtain benefits, impairing the fluidity and content of the website

g) Publish the same content, article, ad or link in more than one category of the website

h) Obtain, or attempt to obtain, unauthorized access to any part of the website not available to Users

i) To interfere, in any way, with the functioning and tools of the website

j) Use automatic means or software that performs functions independently of the User

k) Have the means to redirect the website to any other page on the internet, of whatever nature

l) Use any type of tool or means that removes any advertisement, article or content from the website, on its own initiative, and this is reserved solely and exclusively for the website's staff