Slaughter of millions of minks causes political crisis in Denmark!

dead minks are transported in a forklift by two workers to a truck
20 November 2020 Pets4Company

15 million minks were slaughtered after a new strain of coronavirus was identified in these animals. Agriculture minister resigned after recognizing that there is no legal basis for the slaughter. Opposition demands the government's downfall.

The Danish government, led by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, would give orders in early November to kill all mink in the country (about 15 to 17 million) after health authorities have detected a new strain of SARS -CoV-2 which had already infected more than 200 people. The reasoning that would lead to the slaughter of the animals, intended for the fur industry, would be the possibility that this variant could compromise a future vaccine by reducing the capacity of the antibodies.

Military forces were deployed to assist in what would be a fight against the spread of the new virus. This action, however, lacked a legal basis since the slaughter of animals is only allowed in the areas affected by the outbreaks and not throughout the country.

Last Wednesday, Agriculture Minister Mogens Jansen would end up resigning, serving as a motto for the opposition ask the prime minister to resign aswell. Mette Frederiksen stands firm and even claims that the new strain will most likely have been eliminated.

The breeding of mink for the fur market has significant weight for the Danish economy.

Mink has shown some susceptibility to the new corona virus. Denmark is not the first European country to order the eradication of mink farms, following in the footsteps of Spain and the Netherlands.

Photo by The NewYork Times