Mural inspired by the wild animals of Serra da Arrábida!

Arrabida mural where you can see paintings of a fox and other native animals
18 February 2021

New Mural “The fauna and flora of Arrábida” is making a splash on social networks.

The new urban art mural in Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, by the artist Ivo Santos, better known as “Smile”, with the theme “The fauna and flora of Arrábida” is making a big splash on social networks.

The invitation was made by the Parish Council of Azeitão to Acuparte Associação Cultural, of which the artist is the president.

The Alpine swift, the Genet, the Black redstart, the Hawfinch and the Fox are some of the animals represented on the 200 square meter mural.

The artist painted random strokes in green, throughout the mural that represent the paths that animals take throughout their lives. The mural also contains pieces of torn photographs with details of the animals to convey the message that, if man does nothing to preserve nature, we may lose the endangered species, and then we will only be able to see them in images. Basically, the objective of all the work is to alert to threats to biodiversity.

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