Lasagna: The kitten abandoned for gaining 22lbs during confinement!

brown and gray spotted cat on the lap of an assistant from an animal support association
16 October 2020 Pets4Company

The animal weighing about 14 kg was abandoned in Philadelphia, United States, during confinement for having gained weight during this period.

ACCT Philly, an institution that promptly welcomed her, shared a photo of the kitten on the social network Twitter in order to find a new home and a responsible adopter who would help Lasagna get back to a healthy weight!

The publication, which quickly went viral, would be just the beginning of a new life for Lasagna: "Poor Lasagna was abandoned in a dog crate at a whopping 29.5lbs. This chonky cat would love someone who can help her lose the #quarantine15 and become a healthy and happy cat

In just two days Lasagna found a permanent home as well as the guarantee of the necessary veterinary care to resume her life as an active cat! The kitten that was left on a carrier of his own has now had a happy ending: “Lasagna has been adopted! She went to an amazing home dedicated to helping her get to a healthy weight. Thank you to EVERYONE who spread the word, we are so happy she will get the care (and veterinary and diet support) that she needs”

We wish Lasagna all the luck in the world!