African pouched rat gets a gold medal for detecting landmines in Cambodia.

african pouched rat on the lap of a person in a green coat
22 October 2020 Pets4Company

The little hero received a gold medal for his courage on duty!

An african pouched rat was awarded for its "life-saving devotion to duty" by PDSA, a UK veterinary charity. It is the first of its kind to receive a gold medal from this institution, which, in all, honored about 30 animals.

The little hero, by his name Magawa, has already detected 39 landmines and 28 unexploded munitions, clearing a total of 141,000 square meters of land over his lifesaving career!

These explosives, left on the ground between 1975 and 1998 as a result of internal conflicts, are responsible for  a few hundred victims.

Magawa had been trained for this purpose by the Belgian institution APOPO. Along with the detection of mines and other explosives, these hero-rats are also capable of detecting tuberculosis and have been trained for this purpose since the 1990s.

We thank Magawa and his keepers for all their efforts to make the world a better place!