Mosaic baby chinchilla inside a pink hat with flowers
20 May 2020

Is the Chinchilla the ideal pet for me?

Is the chinchilla a good pet? Some curiosities about chinchillas!

 a baby blue diamond chinchilla eating alfalfa
13 May 2020

Nutrition and Digestive Problems in Chinchillas

The digestive system of Chinchillas: The importance of plants and the consequences of a poor diet.

three baby blue diamond chinchillas on top of a toy train
12 May 2020

Mating, Gestation and Childbirth in Chinchillas

From mating to the birth of small Chinchillas!

 pink white chinchilla and dark tan tov chinchilla on a cage platform
11 May 2020

Introduction of Chinchillas in Collony

How to introduce chinchillas in the same habitat? Observed behaviors and practical advice.

standard grey chinchilla
08 May 2020

Chinchilla: A History

What is the origin of chinchillas? From the wild ancestors to our housemates.

standard gray baby chinchilla on top of a floral bedspread
17 May 2019

The Birth of a Chinchilla: Preparations and Main Cares

What do I need to know and do before my chinchillas are born?