Russian hamster in a fabric hideout
11 April 2022

Hamster Wheels: All you need to know!

A good workout or a deadly weapon? Learn how to choose the wheel of your hamster.

small beige russian hamster lurking in cage substrate
09 September 2021

5 Fun Facts About Hamsters!

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white gerbil in the owner's hand
11 March 2021

Gerbils: What is the scent or marking gland?

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black degu on the owner's palm
01 March 2021

Safe and toxic woods for Degus!

Find out what woods you can use in your degu's habitat!

white and beige Syrian hamster in a cardboard tube with his paw in the glass of the cage and surrounded by hay
10 February 2021

Signs of Heat Stress in Hamsters

Learn to recognize and avoid heat stress in hamsters!

two duprasi gerbils on wooden floor
Fat-tailed Gerbil
31 January 2021

The fat-tailed gerbil: its origins and characteristics

From North Africa with love, meet the Pachyuromys duprasi!