senegal parrot perched among tree branches
Senegal Parrot
03 May 2021

Senegal's parrot: Poicephalus senegalus

Small, quiet and intense looking. Do you already know the Senegal Parrot?

green agapornis rosicolis perched on a tree trunk
16 October 2020

Lovebirds: the inseparable

Colorful, intelligent and very passionate - we present: the lovebirds!

green ring neck parakeet on a green tree with red flowers
Ring-Necked Parakeet
20 August 2020

Ring Necked Parakeet: Main Characteristics and Care!

From the Asian forests to European habitats, the ring necked parakeet arrived and delighted!

grey cockatiel
09 May 2020

Everything you need to know about Cockatiels!

The ideal friend for beginners: everything you need to know before purchasing a cockatiel.

 three green budgerigars perched on a tree branch
08 May 2020

Budgerigar's Origins

From the remote forests of Australia to the present day. The origin of the budgerigar.