How to Choose a Healthy Hamster

Beige hamster in its cage
07 July 2020 Pets4Company

Know what to look for when choosing your Hamster!

You have everything ready and now you just need to get your hamster! The first step is to choose a trusted store or breeder. Any signs of poor hygiene, poor lighting or inadequate temperature are already a warning that this may not be the best place.

A responsible breeder or small business will have a better individual knowledge about each of the pets and will know their health history.

Observe the cage carefully: it must be clean and all animals must have easy access to food and fresh water. Your behavior must demonstrate vitality. Check if the hamster has good mobility and a curious and non-aggressive behavior.

Whenever possible, ask to hold the hamster before buying it. You will have a good opportunity to observe the following attributes:

  • Bright, clean eyes without secretion
  • Clean mouth and dry nose, without discharge
  • Teething of the right size
  • Uniform and shiny coat, without flaws or exposed skin
  • Adequate weight: if it's too thin, with exposed ribs, as it may be a sign of illness
  • Signs of pregnancy: often pet stores leave males and females together in the same space. Try to analyze the belly and any signs of a developed mammary gland.
  • If the hamster have a docile behavior. It must not be too anxious or stressed, scratch or bite.

Do you want to know more about this subject? Check everything in the video "How to Choose a Healthy Hamster" from the YouTube channel ErinsAnimals!