Can Hamsters live together?

beige and white Syrian hamster peeking from a hole in a log
25 November 2020 Pets4Company

Little loners, learn more about the social life of hamsters!

Small rodents with an enormous spirit and a temperament to match, there are several questions that arise regarding their social life.

Hamsters are not usually social animals, on the contrary, they are avid defenders of their territory and hardly tolerate the presence of others of the same species.

When we go to a petshop it is usual to see several hamsters together in the same cage or terrarium on display. It can also happen that they are or are not separated by gender. These hamsters are usually quite young and still have no sense of territoriality so they seem to behave in a peaceful way. However, over time and as these instincts mature, they also develop and quickly a peaceful situation can become a bloodbath. The result will be the same whether it is two brothers from the same litter or a couple.

In a couple, each of the elements will fight for the defense of the territory except when the female is in heat. During this period there will be a small truce continuing the disputes as soon as the heat is over.

If there is a successful litter, it is not advisable to leave a male hamster close to the young, as they will also be considered invasive.

Finally, some dwarf hamster owners and breeders consider cohabitation possible depending on the temperament and the size of the available territory. However, it is more evidence that indicates otherwise, so we recommend the utmost precaution!

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