5 Fun Facts About Hamsters!

small beige russian hamster lurking in cage substrate
09 September 2021 Pets4Company

Little friends, big facts! Learn more about hamsters.

  • The word  hamster has its origins in the German word  hamstern, which means "to accumulate" or "to store", a reference to its cheeks, where it store and transport food!


  •  Hamsters were “discovered” in the Syrian desert less than 100 years ago!

Although hamsters are native to many parts of the world - such as China, Russia and Romania -  Syrian hamsters are the most popular. They reach about 15 centimeters in length as adults and live an average of two to three years.


small white and beige Syrian hamster eating a treat

  • Hamsters are nocturnal.

Hamsters sleep all day, getting active at night. In the wild, this is the moment when they come out of their holes, thus avoiding many predators. In our homes the behavior will be similar so don't be surprised if you only see your hamster after sunset!


  • They don't like company!

Hamsters are extremely territorial and as such should be kept alone. With the exception of mating time, hamsters avoid contact with others of the same species. When kept together they can fight to the death.


  • Hamster teeth grow continuously.

Like other rodents, hamster teeth grow continuously. They should have something to chew so that their teeth stay healthy. Non-resin wood or hay toys are good for this purpose.

gray russian hamster on top of an open book