Is the Chinchilla the ideal pet for me?

 Mosaic baby chinchilla inside a pink hat with flowers
20 May 2020 Pets4Company

Is the chinchilla a good pet? Some curiosities about chinchillas!

With the frenetic pace of everyday life, the concern arises in acquiring a partner who easily adapts to our habits and routines without harming his biological rhythm and that is precisely what we are going to talk about. We present, the chinchilla !

  • They are ideal for those who spend all day out!

Do you want to acquire a chinchilla , but feel guilty about spending the whole day out ? In the case of chinchillas this is not a problem! chinchillas are considered to be twilight or nocturnal animals. This means that they spend the day sleeping comfortably while most people are at work. At the end of the afternoon they start to wake up and ask for attention, even when we get some time to be with them!

  • They are affectionate and love attention

Most chinchillas are not happy with being held. They demonstrate their affection in other ways: small painless bites, calls and rising on top of the hand whenever we clean the cage are just some of the ways your chinchilla can show affection! In addition, they dont mind a good scratch on the neck and cheeks! It It is believed that, in part, it is due to a relief of the muscles of this region that are in tension because they play the important role of constantly gnawing. Curious, isn't it?

  Baby Chinchilla sleeping on its owners hand on her back

  • Low maintenance!

Compared to other species, chinchillas are considered a low maintenance animal . Although the initial investment, pre-acquisition, is more expensive (especially with regard to a large cage, burrows, toys, etc.) over long haul, the chinchilla does not require a high expense .

Feed and hay are part of the indispensable package of this small herbivorous rodent. They do not require vaccination or external deworming, so visits to the vet will only be routine or in case of illness.

  • It has the softest hair in the world… and no parasites!

Chinchilla's fur  is considered to be the softest, fluffiest and densest in the world which, at some point in history, almost caused its extinction. So dense that in each follicle, we can find more than 50 hairs!

In addition there are almost no cases of hair allergy chinchillas so most people, allergic to other animals' hair, can live with chinchillas no problem! This is because the amount of dandruff and dead skin particles associated with shedding is very small.

However, a hair so dense can cause problems of overheating in the summer, especially in places where the temperature and humidity are higher.

 baby chinchilla showing is tongue

  • They bathe alone… in sand!

Yes, chinchillas take a bath in natural sand dust which helps to keep the hair pompous and free of oil. An oily, heavy coat does not let the skin breathe and can increase the chances of overheating when the temperature is higher. In addition, this ritual is a good antisstress and can easily be part of leisure and recreational moments. It is enough for a container with bath sand at the disposal of the chinchilla that she will instinctively know what to do!

  • They love to stroll!

Having spent all day sleeping in their den and being naturally curious animals, the chinchillas love getting out of the cage to stretch their paws and do a little exercise . These moments are also important for creating bonds between the chinchilla and the whole family. However, care must be taken with the space where these tours take place. Curiosity can get the better of it and chinchilla can end up gnawing electrical wires or ingesting something that is harmful to you.

  baby blue diamond chinchilla with white flowers on wood

  • Have a long life!

Chinchillas are one of the rodents with higher average life expectancy being able to live up to 20 years! Of course, everything depends on the health, genetic context and living conditions provided, but with the proper care, we can have these little friends with us for many years!

  • The more the merrier!

With some exceptions, chinchillas are colony animals so they benefit from living with others of the same species. They feel more protected, have a deeper sleep and lower stress levels. The pairs (or colonies) can easily be of the same gender all depending on the personality of each element. Just enjoy the moments of tenderness they can provide!