Can rabbits eat carrots?

two rabbits eating a carrot
13 December 2020 Pets4Company

Find out if carrots are really beneficial for your rabbit's health!

There is a myth widely associated with rabbits and their predilection for carrots, perpetuated by characters as funny as Bugs Bunny! But in reality, does the rabbit really like to eat carrots?

Carrots are by no means the most appreciated or recommended food for your rabbit: containing a large amount of sugars, this root can do more harm than good to the health of your bouncing friend causing problems with liver, intestine, dental and even overweight situations.

But then, can't rabbits eat carrots at all?

The answer is yes… .and no!

When supplied in small quantities as part of a varied diet, occasional bits of carrot root will not deteriorate your rabbit's health and will provide a richer and more pleasant taste to your meals. However, the most nutritious and beneficial part of the carrot is not found in the root, but in its greens!

The carrot green leaves do not contain harmful sugars at the same time as its dark leaf contains a large amount of nutrients. The carrot greens, almost always discarded, can even be used in human food!

Don't forget just to prefer products from organic farming, free of pesticides as they leave residues in the food even after they are well washed.

brown and white rabbit sitting in a dark wooden floor

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