10 Fun Facts About Rabbits!

black rabbit sitting on a stone path
29 August 2020 Pets4Company

In love with rabbits? Discover 10 fascinating curiosities about these bouncy friends!

Are you simply in love with rabbits and think you already know everything there is to know? Or did you fall in love with this species and want to get to know your bouncy new friend better? So don't stop here. Discover the 10 curiosities that we have collected just for you.

  • Although rabbits are very fond of gnawing, they are in the family of lagomorphs and not rodents.
  • In some countries in the world they are the third most sought after pet!
  • Rabbits' teeth are extremely strong and grow continuously.
  • They have 6 incisor teeth, one pair of which is hidden behind the upper incisors.
  • There are currently 45 known species of rabbit

beige rabbit with brown ears and muzzle

  • The average life expectancy of rabbits, when properly cared for, can reach 10 years.
  • They are predatory animals and that is why you have to keep an eye on them. Its eyes, placed laterally on the head, allow the rabbits to partially see to the rear
  • They produce a type of excrement, the cecotropes, which are ingested again! It is a physiological mechanism that allows for a second digestion of cellulose contained in food. This process usually takes place at night!
  • A rabbit feeds its offspring no more than five minutes a day!
  • Rabbits easily suffer from heat strikes and therefore prefer to live in cool places.

white and beige rabbit with long ears and fur

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