15 Fun Facts About Dogs!

brown and white beagle looking curious
23 November 2020 Pets4Company

In love with dogs? Come and get to know your 4-legged friend better!

Dogs entered the lives of human beings during the Paleolithic Period and never left! But do we already know everything about these faithful 4-legged companions?

Stay tuned for the 15 dog trivia we have chosen for you!

  • A dogs gestation time is, on average, 63 days!

  • Puppies are born blind and with very reduced hearing.

  • Baby teeth appear around the first month of age. They are completely replaced until the seventh month, but until then the dogs have 28 teeth.

  • An adult dog has 42 permanent teeth.

  • They regulate the temperature through breathing and sweating through their paws!

  • Studies point out that the mucus in the dogs' nose has the function of absorbing the smell chemicals. By licking their noses, dogs are able to “taste” those same smells so they can process them better.

  • Three dogs traveling in first class survived the sinking of the Titanic. One of them, wrapped up and carried on his owner's lap, will have passed for a child!

  • According to studies by the University of California San Diego, dogs do feel jealous whenever they see the owner showing affection to other animals.

  • Dalmatians are born completely white and only get spots over the months.

  • Stroking a dog has health benefits! Studies show that petting your dog helps lower blood pressure, reduces stress, depression and fights loneliness.

  • Dogs can be taught to detect cancer cells! Cancer cells release waste products that smell different from healthy cells. Dogs are able to detect these smells in the urine or even on people's breath!

  • As with human babies, Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot on the skull that closes as the dog grows.

  • Generally, a dog's mouth has less bacteria than a human's mouth!

  • Dogs were the first animal domesticated by Paleolithic men.

  • The first living creature to travel to space was the dog Laika in 1957.