10 Curiosities about the Dalmatians!

white dalmatian with brown spots and tongue sticking out on a black background
15 March 2021 Pets4Company

Energy levels on the spot! Find out 10 fascinating facts about the Dalmatians!

From ancient Egypt to movie theaters, the Dalmatians have played several roles. Do you know them all?

  • Mysterious origins! The origin of Dalmatians is often attributed to the Dalmatian area in Croatia. However, science has not yet been able to prove that its roots really go back to this region since this species has spread a little throughout Europe by accompanying nomadic peoples in their migrations. Historians, for their part, theorize that the Dalmatian arose in the heart of Egypt. Paintings of spotted-haired dogs were found on the walls of Egyptian tombs, with a morphology very similar to the Dalmatians of our day.
  • A dog of many arts! Throughout the ages the Dalmatians have been playing various dog professions! At times it was up to this species to run in front of the carriages of nobles and aristocrats to make way for its passage. They also act as collectors and hunters with nomadic peoples and in times of war they were placed as border guards in warehouses.

  • Spots of various colors! Although its best known version is the white Dalmatian with black spots, it is also possible to find Dalmatians with brown spots, lemon yellow and bluish gray!
  • Dalmatians have spots everywhere, even inside the mouth!
  • The dogs are born white and the spots only start to appear when they are four weeks old!
  • They were chosen several times as a mascot for several celebrities and public figures and some even made their official presence alongside presidents such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

Dalmatian in the snow

  • It has its own fingerprint. No two dalmatians are alike in the same way that no two fingerprints are alike! Each individual has a distinct coat and each pattern is unique!
  • About 30% of Dalmatians suffer from hearing problems! Due to their white coat, Dalmatians carry a gene that is directly related to hereditary deafness! About 8% of dalmatians are completely deaf while 22 to 24% suffer from some type of progressive problem. The more spots a Dalmatian has, the less likely he is to have this genetic problem.

dalmata on white background

  • They are super clean! In addition to producing little odor, your coat repels dirt and even after playing in the mud their hair will be shiny and clean again with a few brushings!
  • Its coat renews throughout the year. Unlike most species where shedding occurs twice a year, the Dalmatian loses for the entire year! To keep the coat free of dead particles and to prevent it from spreading throughout the house, we should create regular brushing habits with a soft brush.

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