Everything you need to know about cats!

Cat peeking with open mouth
28 May 2020 Pets4Company

Ready to receive a cat or kitten? Check it out with our Checklist.

What do I need to have a cat?

Adoption is an experience that can be both charming and scary for the new owner and kitten . First of all it is important that the whole family is aware of the responsibility needs of the new family member. It also takes time to adapt the house, acquire all the necessary items and prepare a corner where the cat feels calm and comfortable since we must minimize the shock of the sudden change of environment.

Cats may easily get scared and look for high places or dens where they can hide and watch. A calm adaptation ensures that the kitten will soon feel confident to explore the entire house.

kitten sleeping on his back

How to prepare the house to receive the new kitten?

  • Provide a quiet space , free from loud noises, without other animals or children.
  • Make the house “cat proof” by removing all items that may cause injury or be ingested such as chemicals and some ornamental plants.
  • Prepare a good hiding place: a cardboard box, a covered bed, or a high place where the cat can perch and observe the environment that surrounds him.
  • Make toys and scratchers available so you can pass the time and wear its nails.
  • Have a litter box always available. If you adopt more than one cat you must provide a litter box for each cat , avoiding territoriality issues.
  • Schedule a visit to the vet as soon as possible to detect any health problems that may require immediate care. The vet will take care of deworming, vaccination, chip placement and registration.

 Cat hiding behind the couch

Now that we know how to prepare the house, it's time to go shopping. Some items will be needed as well as feed and sand. Here is the list of the essentials:

  • A bowl for food,
  • A bowl for water;
  • A tray to place both bowls at a safe distance to keep the food dry;
  • Appropriate feed for the age and condition (example: kittens, sterilized cat, senior ...)
  • A confy and comfortable bed;
  • A hideout;
  • A scratcher;

  • A litter box (move the litter box as far away from the feeding area as possible);
  • Litter sand;
  • A shovel to remove waste,
  • A brush for cats,
  • Nail clippers for cats (if you feel comfortable and do not cause stress. Otherwise seek a vet),
  • Cat toys,
  • Carrier (essential on the day you pick up your new partner and whenever you need to leave the house).

 Laughing furry cat

With everything ready, the kitten is missing and enjoy the company and adventures that are sure to come!