10 Fantastic Curiosities About Cats

 Gray cat with blue eyes
31 May 2020 Pets4Company

Do you think you know everything there is to know about your feline friend? Lets find out!

  • The grandfather of all cats.

The oldest case of a pet cat on record comes from Cyprus where an archaeological dig revealed a long-forgotten grave that, according to archaeologists, dates from a period prior to the Egyptians!

  • Your cat may be allergic to you!

Studies prove that cats can be allergic to the owner and the home: cigarette smoke, ornamental plant pollen, dust and even dead skin cells and dander from your human friend, can cause severe respiratory inflammation to our feline companions.

If your cat sneezes you already know, it may even be your fault!

orange cat hiding snout in paws

  • Cats like affection ... in moderation.

Although it can sometimes seem distant and a bit like a snob, your cat can enjoy a relaxing moment of affection! Does the cat bite, walk away or seek refuge? Well, we don't always want someone showing affection or invading our space! Our feline friends feel the same way: yes, some good scratches... but only when I want to!

  • Cats and dogs can live in harmony.

Of course it all depends on the temperament and habits of our pet friends but the truth is that dogs and cats are not necessarily mortal enemies and can actually enjoy the company one from the other. Do not believe? Try it ... with caution!

dog and cat lying together on the grass

  • They suffer from illnesses very similar to ours.

Like humans, cats can suffer from inherited diseases. A genetic defect can result in retinitis pigmentosa (tunnel vision) and FIV - Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is very similar to HIV in humans. In addition it has its own version of Alzheimer's and more than half of domestic cats suffer from obesity!

  • After all, they don't purr because they're happy!

Although we associate the cat's purr with a situation of relaxation and affection, the truth is that cats purr in different situations: when they feel stressed and when they are injured or sick, during delivery and when breastfeeding, among others.

The frequency of vibration they emit when inhaling and exhaling seems to vary between 25 and 150 hertz and scientists agree that purring has a regulating and stimulating effect promoting faster healing and pain relief!

 cat sitting looking bored

  • There is a reason why they drink water using their paws!

Imagine you have the cat whiskers. Now, try drinking water from a narrow container… it's not a good combination!

Too narrow containers stress the cat whiskers. Thus, some prefer to wet their paw and drink like this instead of subjecting their delicate whiskers to a tight situation.

  • They spend a great deal of time sleeping and bathing!

We all know that cats spend a good part of the day sleeping , but did you know that the rest period makes up about 70% of the day of your cat? As for the remaining 30% consist of baths between naps!

cat lying with rubber ducky on top of his head and surrounded by other objects alluding to the bath

  • Isaac Newton invented the cat door!

The famous scientist is believed to have invented the cat door after being interrupted numerous times by his cats by scratching the door while developing his experiments at the University of Cambridge. The story goes that he sent for the university carpenter to make two holes in the door, one bigger for the mother cat and another smaller one for the kittens . Apparently these holes can now be seen at the university.

  • They can't taste sweets!

We all agree that cats can be the sweetest thing but the truth is that our feline friends can't taste the sweets! This appears to be due to a small defect in the taste receptors. This defect is shared by the domestic cat with its wild relatives such as cheetahs and tigers.

Tiger lying on the grass with crossed legs

So, did you discover something you didn't know about your cat ?