Have you met the British Shorthair cat?

british gray shorthair cat lying on a white quilt
22 September 2020 Pets4Company

From ancient Rome to the British Isles, come and meet the feline teddy!

Origin and Characteristics of the Species:

Considered one of the oldest species on the British Isles, the British Shorthair is thought to be a descendant of the cats brought to ancient Britain by the Roman legions that will have crossed with the native cats of the island. The humid climate of this region would cause them to develop a double coat, very thick and short to protect themselves from the weather.

The British Shothair first recognition as a breed took place in exhibitions held in the Victorian era. Two world wars later the species had been virtually decimated. In order to recover it, breeders were forced to cross it with other breeds, such as the Persians. These crosses contributed to the British breed having new physical characteristics: different colors and even different bone structure, with long hair examples also appearin. This "new breed" was named British Longhair.

Medium sized breed, weighing between 6 to 8 kilos, draws attention due to its bluish gray shade coat (of which there are variants), a round head with short ears and big amber eyes. His temperament has everything to do with his teddy bear appearance: sweet, affectionate and dependent are easily integrated into any family home.

british shorthair gray cat with eyes closed
Photo by: Pixabay

Some Cautions:

There is a tendency in the genetics of this species to develop hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, gingivitis and polycystic kidneys. With regard to kidney problems, it is important to encourage water consumption. A drinking fountain that provides a source of running water can help stimulate British Shorthair's curiosity by keeping him hydrated.

The coat, although short, needs frequent brushing because it is very dense, especially in times of shedding in order to remove hair and hair cells dead skin.

We recommend a diet that takes into account the nutritional needs of British Shorthair, avoiding an overweight scenario in a species that is already robust.

amber-eyed british blue shorthair cat in an orange blanket
Photo by: Pixabay

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