Budgerigar's Origins

 three green budgerigars perched on a tree branch
08 May 2020 Pets4Company

From the remote forests of Australia to the present day. The origin of the budgerigar.

Small, chatty and very colorful, parakeets originate in the harsh areas of Australia and arrived in Europe by the hand of the explorer and ornithologist John Gould around 1840 becoming immediately a very popular bird.

The color mutations started to appear only at the end of the 19th century, increasing its exotic character and, consequently, the interest in this bird .

In 1925 the Budgerigar Club was created in Great Britain, as it was becoming more and more frequent to breed the parakeet for exhibition as a pet .

Currently, parakeets can be found worldwide, being one of the most common pet birds. Generally docile in nature, they are easely domesticated with a little time and dedication. They are able to mimic various sounds and whistles, and the males can even reproduce some words.

Alone, they do not require an accommodation as expensive as most of the large birds, being able to spend part of the time outside the cage with supervision. However, given that they are extremely social birds it is recommended that, even with the company of their owners, they should cohabit with one or more elements of the same species since they find comfort in them. The space must therefore be adapted to the number of parakeets that will occupy it.

Its food is quite easy to purchase and at a price considered reasonable. It can be made up of seeds or granules and must also include fresh foods , such as fruits and vegetables , to ensure the presence of all necessary nutrients. Fresh drinking water should always be available and, as soon as the temperature makes it necessary, water in a larger container so that they can cool off. Alternatively, we can choose a spray bottle.

When in ideal conditions, parakeets can live 8 or more years providing many moments of conviviality and companionship!