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small beige russian hamster lurking in cage substrate
Rodents - Hamster
09 September 2021

5 Fun Facts About Hamsters!

Little friends, big facts! Learn more about hamsters.

white gerbil in the owner's hand
Rodents - Gerbil
11 March 2021

Gerbils: What is the scent or marking gland?

Know the key role of this gland and the health problems associated with it!

black degu on the owner's palm
Rodents - Degu
01 March 2021

Safe and toxic woods for Degus!

Find out what woods you can use in your degu's habitat!

white and beige Syrian hamster in a cardboard tube with his paw in the glass of the cage and surrounded by hay
Rodents - Hamster
10 February 2021

Signs of Heat Stress in Hamsters

Learn to recognize and avoid heat stress in hamsters!

white dalmatian with brown spots and tongue sticking out on a black background
Dogs - Dalmatian
15 March 2021

10 Curiosities about the Dalmatians!

Energy levels on the spot! Find out 10 fascinating facts about the Dalmatians!

black dog sitting on wooden floor looking up
Dogs - General
17 January 2021

Toxic foods that can kill your dog!

From avocado to salt, know what foods you should not give your dog!

beagle baby tricolor sitting in a garden of yellow grass and white pebbles
Dogs - Beagle
01 January 2021

Beagle: its origins and characteristics!

Attentive, outgoing and very friendly. Have you met the Beagle?

white and brown fox terrier dog sitting in a park
Dogs - Fox Terrier
11 December 2020

Fox Terrier: its origins and characteristics!

Energetic, intelligent and with a strong personality. Have you met the Fox Terrier?

tabby maine coon cat on blue background
Cats - Maine Coon
03 February 2021

Have you met the Maine Coon?

Meet the feline royalty of the State of Maine.

tabby cat sitting looking confused
Cats - General
12 December 2020

Toxic foods that can kill your cat!

Did you know that some human foods can actually kill your cat? Learn more about forbidden snacks!

british gray shorthair cat lying on a white quilt
Cats - British Shorthair
22 September 2020

Have you met the British Shorthair cat?

From ancient Rome to the British Isles, come and meet the feline teddy!

baby Siamese cat on top of a white bedspread
Cats - Siamese
01 July 2020

Have you met the Siamese cat?

Know the history and characteristics of this feline breed and the special care it needs!

 Leopard Gecko peeking over a log
Reptiles - Leopard Gecko
22 June 2020

Leopard Gecko: a beginner's guide!

Terrarium, food, hiding places .... do you already have everything you need to receive your gecko?

green agapornis rosicolis perched on a tree trunk
Birds - Lovebirds
16 October 2020

Lovebirds: the inseparable

Colorful, intelligent and very passionate - we present: the lovebirds!

green ring neck parakeet on a green tree with red flowers
Birds - Ring-Necked Parakeet
20 August 2020

Ring Necked Parakeet: Main Characteristics and Care!

From the Asian forests to European habitats, the ring necked parakeet arrived and delighted!

grey cockatiel
Birds - Cockatiel
09 May 2020

Everything you need to know about Cockatiels!

The ideal friend for beginners: everything you need to know before purchasing a cockatiel.

 three green budgerigars perched on a tree branch
Birds - Budgerigar
08 May 2020

Budgerigar's Origins

From the remote forests of Australia to the present day. The origin of the budgerigar.

sugar glider inside a coconut-shaped hiding place
Other Pets - Sugar Glider
09 March 2021

Sexual dimorphism in Sugar Gliders

Can you distinguish a male sugar glider from a female sugar glider? We tell you the difference!

White and beige blue-eyed rabbit washing a paw
Other Pets - Rabbits
06 February 2021

Common mistakes that rabbit owners make!

Know the most common mistakes made by rabbit owners and learn how to avoid them!

two rabbits eating a carrot
Other Pets - Rabbits
13 December 2020

Can rabbits eat carrots?

Find out if carrots are really beneficial for your rabbit's health!

brown long-eared rabbit eating vegetables
Other Pets - Rabbits
06 December 2020

Harmful foods for rabbits!

Find out what foods you should not include in your rabbit's diet!